Do you know that it’s attainable to transmit HIV by means of oral intercourse, though it’s much less prone to be transmitted by means of vaginal or anal intercourse. Medicines, condoms, and dental dams are a few of the methods that may assist forestall HIV transmission.

It’s well-known that HIV could be transmitted by means of vaginal or anal intercourse in addition to by means of drug or contaminated injection. Nonetheless, like different sexually transmitted infections, there’s a threat of contracting it by means of oral intercourse – however small.

The virus spreads between individuals when fluids from one particular person come into contact with the bloodstream of one other particular person. This contact can happen by means of minimize or damaged pores and skin, vagina, rectum, or by means of foreskin tissues.

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6 Bodily Fluids That Can Transmit HIV:

  • Blood

  • Semen

  • Pre-ejaculatory fluid

  • Breast milk

  • Rectal fluid

  • Vaginal fluid

Sure components can improve the chance of spreading HIV by means of oral intercourse.

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