The ancient Indian text 'Kama Sutra' written by Vatsyayana is quite popular among the common people. Almost all aware people must have heard about it, many of whom also want to read this book. Let us tell you that this book not only gives information about sexual life, but apart from sexual activities, it also tells about all the important aspects and duties of the relationship between a man and a woman. Many such aspects have been highlighted in it, about which you and I cannot even think.

Sex is an integral part of human life. You can make this important aspect of life better and happier only through experience and knowledge. Seeing people's curiosity about Kama Sutra, we are talking about this book in detail. What is Kama Sutra, what is written in Kama Sutra, the myths related to it, why Kama Sutra is popular all over the world and the sexual postures of Kama Sutra, etc. are being explained below.

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